4 Possible Reasons for Youth Unemployment in Many Countries

Youth unemployment: 

Youth are known as nation builders because they oversee the country’s future development and projects. However, as we all know, many countries have the largest youth populations, including India, China, and others. This not only means an endless development opportunity, but also a talent that, if used correctly can make many countries world superpowers. However, with a large young population comes a lack of jobs for all the young people. Consider India, which is struggling to provide employment to even half of its young population. Students with master’s degrees are forced to sell tea to make ends meet. For Indians, getting a government job is a one in a million chance.

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 Some of the possible reasons for the youth in many countries are unemployed and unskilled:

  1. The main reason for youth unemployment around the world is a lack of required job skills, students earn a degree but leave with no practical skills or knowledge.
  2. A country’s lack of entrepreneurs is also to blame for its unemployed youth, as no new job opportunities are created when there are no new start-ups and businesses.
  3. The country should be open to any private sector investment, as this will not only boost development but also create numerous job opportunities, both directly and indirectly.
  4. A lack of training provided to youth. Young people should be provided with free training programmes so that they can learn and apply skills in a practical setting, which will help them find a suitable job.
Youth unemployment Some of the possible reasons for the youth in many countries are unemployed and unskilled
4 Possible Reasons for Youth Unemployment in Many Countries 3

Poverty population:

More than 6 % of India’s population lives in poverty. This is because there is a lack of education and awareness in rural areas. The poor believe that having more children will help them get out of poverty, but this is not true. Because of a lack of education and technical skills, these poor people remain poor because they cannot find skilled jobs.

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Poverty population death:

People living in poverty do not have enough food or medicine. As a result, the death rate among the poor is extremely high. They cannot afford good hospital treatment, and as a result, thousands of people die in India each year. Unemployment is the direct or indirect cause of this death. There is nothing more miserable than the unemployment disease. Unemployment disease is at the root of all these poor people’s deaths. In today’s world, money is everything, and these poor people lack it. To feed their families, they are forced to work for gangs and smugglers for money. If we look closely, unemployment disease is the only reason for more than 80% of crimes in a country, including robbery, murder, smuggling, and many others. If our young people are given the necessary education and guidance at the appropriate age, the country’s future will always be bright and youth will work in right direction.

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Even though the government provides free technical skills training courses such as plumbing, carpentry, electrician, and many others through ITI, the poor population is unaware of these opportunities due to a lack of education and awareness

The government’s first task should be to create a centralised system that provides quality education and free education to all the country’s youth. The second task should be to provide appropriate training for the skills in which the student is interested. Encouragement of new start-ups and entrepreneurship is also a wonderful way to create new job opportunities. Organizing events and camps can help raise awareness among youth, which can help them choose a career. These steps will assist a country in making the best use of its youth.

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