6 Best Tips For Resume Writing For An Internship With No Work Experience

An internship is a full-time job opportunity provided by a company for a set period of time. Internships in India normally run three to six months, with some organisations offering eight-week internships.

Participants could receive real-world experience, improve skills in a certain industry, and network with professionals. It also helps individuals transition into the workforce, particularly when they are looking for their first full-time employment.

Are you applying for your first full-time internship? Do you need any tips for resume writing? JobMajesty is here to help you for resume writing for internship.

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Here is Tips for Resume Writing For An Internship With No Work Experience

Here is Tips for Resume Writing For An Internship With No Work Experience
6 Best Tips For Resume Writing For An Internship With No Work Experience 5

1. Choose the Best Resume Format

We believe that the Combination Format is the greatest option for producing an internship resume, but you are free to choose any format that suits your needs.

The chronological and functional formats are combined in this manner. Here’s an example of how your CV might look:

  1. Start with your contact details at the top of your resume.
  2. Continue with the above-the-fold resume objective section.
  3. Put your academic credentials here (s).
  4. Insert the work experience section after that.
  5. The skills component should be followed up on right away.

You will have a basic structure for your internship resume if you use these four components. Fill in the details next.

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2. Recognize what is truly important.

We appreciate that as a student or recent graduate, you may not have much professional experience. In fact, the majority of employers are aware of this.

Working experience isn’t always the most important aspect in determining whether or not you’re a good fit for the firm. Your talents, your passion/interest, and your personality qualities are the three primary elements.

Hard and soft skills are the two types of skills. Hard skills are measurable abilities that are particular to the profession and/or industry for which you are applying. AutoCAD, Photoshopping, Copywriting, and Bookkeeping are just a few examples.

Interpersonal skills or personal attitudes, on the other hand, determine your work ethics and how you collaborate with others. Leadership, critical thinking, and creativity are just a few examples.

Employers will also take into account your enthusiasm for the field in which you’re applying. If you’re a music student who also knows a lot about finance and investing, you’ll have a better chance than a finance graduate who has never invested in the stock market.

After you’ve determined your abilities and interests, the following step is to include them into your internship resume.

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3. Now is the time to promote yourself.

 Resume Writing For An Internship With No Work Experience promote yourself
6 Best Tips For Resume Writing For An Internship With No Work Experience 6

No, I’m not referring to your physical appearance. It’s time to present yourself as the ideal candidate for the applied position when creating your resume aim.

How can you entice employers to read your CV and keep them interested? You’ll have to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. Examine the job advertisement, the company, and their mission statement. To stay – yeah, you guessed it – relevant, incorporate relevant keywords.

Keep track of your academic credentials as soon as possible. When it comes to internships, your degree will almost certainly be more important than your work experience.

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4. Be Unique

 Resume Writing For An Internship With No Work Experience be unique
6 Best Tips For Resume Writing For An Internship With No Work Experience 7

It’s not difficult to stand out in a crowd. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Calculate the scope of your jobs.

Numbers can be used to impress businesses. Have you “improved customer satisfaction by 20%” or “developed user interfaces for the top 10 corporations in Southeast Asia”?

  • Your accomplishments should be highlighted.

Has your lecturer complimented you? Who are the members of the committee? Why did you do it, and how did you do it?

  • Hobbies and extracurricular activities

What else did you accomplish or participate in for personal development besides excelling in your studies? Do they have anything to do with the internship position? What can you do to add value?

Always include the “small things” that matter on your CV. However, don’t add them only to fill up space on your CV; working professionals will notice.

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5. It’s Important to Be Readable

Always keep in mind that you have less than 10 seconds to make an impression on potential employers. A three-page resume is useless. You must put everything you want them to know on one page (2 pages maximum).

Make sure your internship CV is simple to read and comprehend. Use clean, professional designs, as well as the proper font sizes and formatting.

Keywords! Keywords are essential for drawing employers’ attention and promoting oneself as the finest prospect, as previously said. It speeds up and simplifies the resume screening process, especially when using an ATS.

6. Proofreading

You may be a novice when it comes to resume writing, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to committing amateur and unprofessional errors like grammar and spelling problems.

Don’t take chances with your first impression. Always proofread your internship resume to guarantee there are no mistakes. It will be well worth the effort.

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Final Suggestion

We hope you’ll be ready to write your first internship resume after reading this article! Even if their educational institution does not demand it, we strongly urge undergraduates to participate in internships.

An internship can also serve as a “back door” to a full-time job at the organisation. You don’t like this company? Don’t worry; once your internship period is over, you are free to pursue other jobs in India.

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