Attendance Register: Types, Methods of Taking Attendance, and Information on Attendance Management Systems

What is attendance register?

Attendance Register is a simple tool that helps you keep track of your attendance at any event. You can use this tool to record your attendance at events like classes, workshops, conferences, etc. Attendance registers are usually used by companies to ensure that their employees attend meetings and other company-related activities.

There are two ways of taking attendance

1. Manual Attendance System

Manual Attendance System is used when the employee clock-in/clock-out manually. This type of system has been around since the early 1900s. However, this method requires human intervention and is prone to errors.

2. Computerized Attendance System

Computerized Attendance System uses computer technology to automate the process of tracking employee attendance. With this type of system, employees no longer need to fill out paper forms or log into a computer terminal. Instead, they simply scan their badge at the entrance of the building and the system automatically records their arrival and departure times. They can also mark their attendance online on websites.

Attendance Register
Attendance Register: Types, Methods of Taking Attendance, and Information on Attendance Management Systems 4

Attendance Register Types

Basically, there are 3 different types of attendance registers:

1. Employee Attendance Register

Staff Attendance For the purposes of payroll, salary, etc., registers are used to keep track of each employee’s absence, present, paid leave, etc. This register includes payroll head records for absenteeism, presence, holidays, late arrivals, job training, and other types of leaves that are used to determine compensation.

2. Student Attendance Register:

It is used to determine which students are in class. It aids teachers in keeping track of students’ attendance, absences, leaves of absence, and other details throughout the course of the academic year. This reduces the amount of work that teachers have to do and frees up several hours that could be spent on more productive activities.

3. Timesheet/Attendance Register

Timesheet Attendance Registers are used to track and keep track of the number of hours worked by employees who are later paid on an hourly basis. These payments could be made every day, twice per week, or once per week. In other words, these registers keep track of the number of hours each employee spends on the job. Typically, it is just a piece of paper with the relevant information laid down on a table. Timesheets, however, are now digital. Timesheets provide the total number of hours worked by each employee during a specific pay period as well as the times of their arrival and departure.

What is attendance management system?

Attendance Management System is a software that helps employers manage their employees’ attendance records. This software can help employers to track employee’s attendance record, identify absentees, and provide alerts if any employee is not present at work. Attendance management system can help companies reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

Attendance Management Systems
Attendance Register: Types, Methods of Taking Attendance, and Information on Attendance Management Systems 5

1. SSA online attendance

SSA online attendance is the electronic system that allows students to check their attendance at school. This is done through the use of a computer or mobile device. Students can log into this website and view their attendance history. They can also print out their attendance report if they need to submit it to their teacher.

  • SSA Attendance Forms: Attendance forms are used to record student’s attendance at school. These forms are filled out by teachers and sent to the office where they are scanned and entered into the SSA Online Attendance System.
  • SSA Attendance Logs: The SSA Attendance Log is a document that lists the attendance records of each student. Each day, the teacher fills out a form listing the names of the students who were absent from class that day. This list is then submitted to the office where it is scanned and added to the SSA Attendance Log.

2. JMS attendance management system

JNC provides an attendance management website where employees can track their employers’ attendance. Even if there are thousands of employees, this attendance system is extremely useful. For their sign in they require a username, project code, and password after that you can mark your attendance. 

JMS attendance system is 

  • Inexpensive
  • Accurate and trouble-free.
  • No hardware or installation costs.

The following are some advantages of using the JMS attendance system:

  • A cloud-based attendance management system allows you to track attendance from anywhere.
  • Employers can upload employee documents such as a photograph, education information, joining information, and so on.
  • The communication tool will assist management in sending critical notifications to all employees.

Different colleges that use their own online attendance system:

KNC attendance

For his students, KNC (Kamala Nehru College) use an online attendance system. The student’s attendance is updated on their website; students must login with credentials provided by the college.

TCSC attendance

TCSC (Thakur College of Science and Commerce) has an online attendance system as well. Attendance is taken offline in the classroom, but you can check your current attendance on their website using your college uid. Students can also check their attendance for previous terms.

LOYOLA attendance

Lyola College uploads attendance online, you must sign in with your registered number to access attendance details. If your attendance in any subject is low, you can look up the session in which you were marked absent.

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