How to Write a Declaration on a Resume? When to Use It, Writing Guidelines, and Examples

When a candidate makes a declaration in their resume, human resources can have confidence and simplicity in them and determine whether the information they have provided is true. The section of the statement that is recognised as a formal proclamation providing a reliable establishment of facts is the most important component of a resume. Therefore, we’ve outlined some information in this post regarding how a candidate should include their declaration statement in a resume.

What does a declaration on a resume mean?

To give the hiring manager a summary of your qualities and ability to compete for the job description, you should include a statement in your resume along with your educational background and talents. The name of the individual and the date must be included in the declaration on the resume. The substructure of the resume includes a statement confirming that all information included is true and accurate. Although it is a crucial component of the resume that verifies the accuracy of your information, it is occasionally excluded and does not necessarily reduce your chances of being chosen.

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When to include a declaration in your resume or CV?

declaration on a resume
How to Write a Declaration on a Resume? When to Use It, Writing Guidelines, and Examples 3

If the employer is unfamiliar with the applicant, a declaration can be necessary. It might also be useful when job seekers send their resumes to potential employers via a referral or another contact. However, there are several circumstances in which a statement in a CV or resume proves to be really helpful. The following are common instances where including the statement in a resume is essential, and it also depends on who you are sending your job application to:

  • a body of the state or a college or university
  • a company or organisation with a clearly established corporate ladder
  • a company or charity in India or another nation where including a declaration on a resume or CV is still common practise.
  • a company that follows a structured application process for jobs.

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What format does the declaration have in a resume?

Since there is no right or wrong way to create a resume, there is no set format for declarations too. But while creating a statement, only a few things should be mentioned, specifically:

  • Under the declaration of proclamation in the resume, on the left side, are the location and date.
  • Put your signature in the appropriate spot on the declaration’s statement.
  • The declaration must be at the bottom of the resume and should only contain one to two phrases.

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How should a declaration be written on a resume?

Since a statement is a crucial component of a resume, much thought should be taken when drafting one.

  • The assertion must be true, unambiguous, and straightforward.
  • It will be more credible if you mention the time and place as well as the current location. In a resume, the location and the date must be written below the declaration and in the left-hand corner.
  • Put your written message towards the bottom of the resume, which is the place after your contact information.
  • After the page, include your full name. Your declaration is authenticated and recognised by your official signature.
  • Write your full name below the signature, leaving both of them on the right-hand side, opposite the date and place.

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Template for a Declaration

You can use the following model as the foundation for your own declaration statement:

  • Statement of  declaration
  • Full name and signature (to the right of the statement, below the statement)
  • current information and place (under the statement, toward the left-hand side of the page)

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Sample of Declaration Statement on resume 

I formally declare that the information contained in the resume is accurate and complete, and I accept full responsibility for its accuracy.
I hereby declare that the information supplied is accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. 
I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information provided above is correct. In the future, I am responsible for any errors or mistakes.
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