Guest Room Attendant (GRA) Job Description with Duties and Responsibilities

Guest Room Attendant (GRA)

The role of a guest room attendant at a hotel or resort varies depending on the size of the property and the size of the guest room. Generally, the job of a guest room attendant is to ensure that guests have a pleasant experience during their visit to the hotel. The guest room attendant is usually the first person a guest meets when they arrive at the hotel, and they are responsible for seeing that guests have everything they need during their visit. They may also be the first person guests speak to when they have questions about the area or about their room or the hotel in general, and they often answer the phone and provide information about the hotel and its area when needed.

Room attendants are responsible for cleaning and servicing guest rooms in order for guests to have a pleasant and comfortable stay. They make certain that all rooms are welcoming and clean, and they respond politely and competently to all guest inquiries.

Job Description of Guest Room Attendant (GRA)

Guest Room Attendants (GRA) clean bathrooms and other surfaces, vacuum and mop, and restock minibars and coffee bars. They also provide fresh towels and toiletries, and in more upscale locations, bathrobes, pick up and deliver dry cleaning, and other amenities for guests. Vacuuming hallways and cleaning commonly shared areas or banquet facilities may also be done by a Guest Room Attendant (GRA). They may also be in charge of incidentals such as changing light bulbs, remote control batteries, and stationery, as well as keeping brochures and room service menus clean and orderly. The job is fast-paced and requires the ability to multitask.

In three lines, the job description of guest room attendant (GRA):

  1. Guest Room Attendant (GRA) is responsible for keeping the guest room clean and fresh by providing linens, towels, and amenities. 
  2. They also take care of any maintenance needs the guests may have such as changing the sheets, cleaning the room, and providing new amenities when necessary. 
  3. They are a key member of the housekeeping team and play a vital role in ensuring that the guest experience is top-notch.

 Duties and responsibilities of Guest room attendant

The duties and responsibilities of a guest room attendant are listed below:

  • Provide daily housekeeping services.
  • Greeting guests and answering questions
  • Making beds and changing bed linen
  • Replace used towels and other bathroom supplies like shampoo and soap.
  • Cleaning and mopping the floors
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning and polishing
  • Trash cans and ashtrays must be emptied.
  • Restocking the minibar with beverages and food items
  • Cleaning public spaces like corridors
  • Report any technical problems or maintenance requirements.
  • On the assignment sheet, the status of the guest rooms is being updated.
  • returning and restocking the cleaning cart at the end of each shift.
  • Maintaining the guest rooms
  • Stocking the guest rooms with supplies
  • Making sure the rooms are ready for use
  • Ensuring the safety of the guests
  • Providing information about the hotel to guests
  • Checking the reservations of guests
  • Assisting guests with their requests

 Job and interview tips for Guest room attendant

Some interview tips include: 

1) Having strong communication skills is essential for this job.

2) Show the interviewer that you can easily handle difficult situations.

3) Dress appropriately, you do not want to come across as too casual or too formal. 

4) Work experience is beneficial because it demonstrates to employers that you are reliable.

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Skills and requirements for Housekeeping GRA

1. Cleanliness

The first requirement for any housekeeping job is cleanliness. This includes cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas where guests may stay. A guest room attendant should have a thorough understanding of how to properly clean these areas. They should also know how to keep them clean at all times.

2. Organization

A guest room attendant needs to be organized and efficient. They need to know how to keep their space neat and tidy. Guests are paying for a clean space, so they want to feel like they can relax without worrying about clutter.

3. Communication Skills

Guest room attendants need to be able to communicate effectively with others. They need to be able to listen well and respond appropriately. They should also be able to speak clearly and concisely.

4. Knowledge of housekeeping skills

The guest room attendant should have knowledge of housekeeping skills and be able to perform basic cleaning tasks. This includes vacuuming, dusting, mopping, sweeping, scrubbing walls, windows, mirrors, etc.

Guest Room Attendant (GRA)
Guest Room Attendant (GRA) Job Description with Duties and Responsibilities 3

Other Requirements For The Position of Guest Room Attendant (GRA):

  • A high school diploma is preferred.
  • Previous guest service and/or housekeeping experience.
  • Working knowledge of industrial cleaning products and equipment.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Ability to work with little or no supervision while meeting high performance standards.
  • Physical mobility and endurance.

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Guest Room Attendant Salary

Average salary for a Guest Room Attendant in India ranges from 1.5 Lakhs per year (₹12.5k per month) to 3 lakhs per year (₹25k per month).

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