We Taj Vivanta Shillong is hiring dynamic, energetic, passionate, talented and experienced hospitality professional for the position of Executive Chef.

The executive chef is responsible for attracting and retaining employees, maintaining a cooperative relationship with team members, maximising staff productivity, and filling in for team members who are absent. You’ll teach workers how to use new recipes, cooking techniques, and equipment, as well as supervise cooks who are preparing food. During dinner service, you’ll be in charge of overseeing the delivery of food supplies, preparing special dishes, and overseeing general kitchen operations.

To ensure your team’s success, you’ll make sure they serve high-quality, cost-effective food on time. The best applicants are innovative, customer-focused, and level-headed.

Executive Chef Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring promptness, freshness, and quality of dishes.
  • Coordinating cooks’ tasks.
  • Implementing hygiene policies and examining equipment for cleanliness.
  • Designing new recipes, planning menus, and selecting plate presentations.
  • Reviewing staffing levels to meet service, operational, and financial objectives.
  • Hiring and training kitchen staff, such as cooks, food preparation workers, and dishwashers.
  • Performing administrative tasks, taking stock of food and equipment supplies, and doing purchase orders.
  • Setting and monitoring performance standards for staff.
  • Obtaining feedback on food and service quality, and handling customer problems and complaints.

Executive Chef Requirements:

  • 6+ years of working experience as a sous chef, executive sous chef, head chef, executive chef or relevant position.
  • Advanced knowledge of food professional principles and practices.
  • Proficient knowledge of human resources management.
  • Excellent knowledge of BOH systems, ordering and inventory.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Available to work on-call, shifts, after hours, over weekends, and on public holidays.

About Taj Vivanta Shillong

Taj Vivanta Shillong is coming up in the heart of the city, Police Bazaar and is the first 5 star hotel in Meghalaya. This property is very important for the entire state, as it will fulfil the long pending need of premium class accommodation in Shillong.
Taj Vivanta welcomes you into an adobe of luxury that starts right from the driveway, where you will witness the unification of nature and seamless architecture. With an exquisite reception area, you can relax in the waiting area.


Impressive driveway with gorgeous gentle landscape on both sides till drop-off point, giving the customers a warm greet on arrival.

All Day Dining is hosted under the pattern atrium structure fitted with all clear sentry toughened glass.

Dining and Bar
105 pax buffet and private dining rooms

55 pax bar and restaurant
The hotel will comprise of 100 well-furnished guest rooms and other features including multi-cuisine restaurants, recreation facilities and modern meeting spaces. The building has been in existence since long and the requirements have been retrofitted over the period. It was challenging to design the facade with existing envelop and thus only few modifications were done. DROP OFF was enhanced with wooden fins, Roof was highlighted with green shingles and F&B areas were made more interactive with large glass windows. Rest of the facade is painted with light color to undertone numerous facade projections. Similarly, lighting is also added to highlight few elements and under play undulations.