We Global Market Insights Research Pvt. Ltd Dehradun is hiring dynamic, energetic, passionate and experienced candidate for the position of Senior Research Associate.

Job Responsibilities of Senior Research Associate:

  1. Design, plan, conduct and coordinate experiments in support of various research projects.
  2. Evaluate, select, and apply standard techniques of the research; keep detailed records of data.
  3. Use computers and laboratory or technical equipment to perform data analysis, statistical analysis, and technical evaluation of research experiments and results.
  4. Summarize results for inclusion in scientific and clientele oriented publications.
  5. Prepare and write proposals to funding agencies; maintain financial accounts related to research projects.
  6. Supervise undergraduate and/or graduate students and other laboratory, technical or field staff involved in research; Coordinates the review of the work of research staff.
  7. Establish, install, maintain, operate and/or repair research equipment.


Experience: Freshers- 4 years

Industry: Market Research preferred

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