7 Popular Apps and Websites for Posting Free Job Ads Online

What are job ads?

A job ad is a notice letting people know that a certain position is open. It has information about the employment position as well as about your business and the perks you provide, and is written in an enticing tone.

A notification of an open position is made in a job advertisement.

An employment advertisement’s primary objective is to alert potential applicants to a new position and encourage them to apply.

It has information about the employment position as well as about your business and the perks you provide, and is written in an enticing tone.

A written description of a job opening that invites qualified candidates to apply is known as a job advertisement. In order to locate qualified candidates to recruit, businesses post job adverts, also referred to as “job posts,” on well-known job-finding websites. In order to persuade candidates to apply for the open position, experts frequently use persuasive language while writing these adverts. While it is crucial for job adverts to be motivating for applicants, it is also ideal for experts to portray a vacant position honestly in order to guarantee the firm hires the greatest applicant for the position.

Job Advertisement is a kind of job portal where employers can post their jobs. Candidates can search through these jobs and apply for them. If the employer likes the candidate, he/she will get a call/message from the company. 

Advantages of posting job online:

1. Job posting online helps recruiters find candidates faster

 Allows companies to reach out to potential employees who may not have heard about their openings. In addition, this approach can help companies identify top-performing employees early on.

2. Recruiters can search through thousands of resumes at once

When companies use social media sites to post jobs, they can access a database of hundreds of thousands of resumes. This allows them to look through many applicants at once.

3. Companies can get feedback from current employees

Employees often provide valuable insights into what makes a good employer. They can share their experiences with other people looking for work, helping both parties.

Tips for job posting:

  • Be specific about what kind of position you are looking for.  You don’t want to get a bunch of resumes from people who just want to work anywhere.
  • Make sure that you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. Don’t say “I’m looking for a job”, but rather specify what type of position you’re interested in.
  • Include information about yourself. Tell them about your company where it is locates, how old is company, what are the achievements of the company etc. 
  • Make sure that you include relevant skills. What do you know? Are you good at something? Do you have any certifications?]
  • Make sure to include salary in job postings along with incentives, benefits etc.
  • Be clear about the recruitment process in the job posting.

Where to post free job ads online: Where can I post job ads for free online? 

Here are seven ideal job platforms to post job ads for free online: 

1. Indeed

Works by allowing employers to post job ads on the Indeed website. Employers are able to choose whether they want to pay them through Indeed’s payment system (Indeed Pay) or not. If indeed pays, then indeed charges the employer a fee for posting the job, otherwise it is completely free for posting new jobs.

2. LinkedIn

It is a social media website that allows its users to create professional networks. This network can be created to find jobs, connect with people, and promote businesses. LinkedIn is completely free and allows you to contact candidates directly about job ads postings.

3. JobMajesty

It is a completely free and rapidly expanding career platform that caters to both recruiters and job seekers. The app website has several incredibly helpful features, such as a fast job search with a free job alert. A very straightforward and basic dashboard for job postings. The main benefit is that you can post jobs directly from a website or app. Additionally, JobMajesty offers industry leaders and recruiters cutting-edge and cost-free ATS and ERP software that makes managing your organisation and hiring candidates simple. JobMajesty provides a range of tools to assist organisations in finding the right people.

4. InternShala

If you are looking for new interns to work for you, InternShala is a suitable place to look. If you like the employer’s work, you can always make them a full-time offer. InternShala also allows you to post job openings for free on their website. On their website, you can post any kind of job or freelance work. Some job seekers do not want to fill out lengthy forms from companies, so this site is ideal for them because they only need to fill out one form.

5. Craigslist

Craigslist is a great place to post your ad if you are looking for something specific. If you want to make sure that you get only relevant responses, you should include keywords in your posting.

6. Monster

Monster is a good site to use if you want to post general job openings. This site is not as good as Indeed, but it still has many people looking for work.

7. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is a great website to post job listings if you want to reach a wide audience. They offer a variety of options to help employers target their ideal candidates.

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