Which Jobs In SSC: Top 14 Job Profile, Job Location, and Post Classification in SSC CGL 2022

When it comes to government jobs, the Staff Selection Commission is one of the most sought after. Candidates who want to work for the federal government and earn a good salary should take the SSC tests. But, after passing the SSC examinations, Which jobs in ssc do you get? We’ll make it easier for you by providing information on SSC employment. This article provides an overview of all SSC tests and positions. Before applying for any job, you should familiarise yourself with the positions. It allows you to learn more about your chances of becoming a member of the federal government. The pay scale for SSC posts ranges from pay level 1 to pay level 8. To get into the desired programme, one must choose the appropriate exam.

The SSC CGL test is administered by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC). The SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) exam is held for a variety of SSC CGL positions.

We will explore the SSC CGL postings, preferences, and job profile for the various posts under the CGL exam in this article.

Candidates can read the linked article for further information about the SSC CGL exam.

The duties and responsibilities of candidates nominated to various SSC CGL seats vary. Each position has a separate salary, title, qualifications, and so on.

What kind of employment would you be able to get after passing the SSC exam?

What kind of employment would you be able to get after passing the SSC exam?
Which Jobs In SSC: Top 14 Job Profile, Job Location, and Post Classification in SSC CGL 2022 5

SSC conducts examinations for a variety of positions in various government departments across the country. The examinations are held at several locations across the country, offering all candidates in the country an equal opportunity to sit for the exam.

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) administers exams for a variety of positions in various government ministries across the country. Thousands of eager and aspiring applicants who are interested in working for the government take the SSC examinations on a regular basis. The body conducts examinations on a regular basis throughout the year in order to select individuals for various positions. Many people want government positions because of job security and the prospect of a better future after advancement in their careers. Thousands of hopefuls participate in the recruiting process each year, making it a tough battle for them to overcome. It is critical to comprehend the syllabus and respond appropriately in each of the body’s individual assessments. It not only provides career possibilities to matriculate level individuals, but also provides acceptable prospects to Graduate level and higher educational background candidates.

Which jobs in SSC: Types of SSC Jobs

Type of Jobs to get through SSC
Which Jobs In SSC: Top 14 Job Profile, Job Location, and Post Classification in SSC CGL 2022 6

SSC conducts examinations and recruitment processes to fill all Group B and non-technical Group C positions in various ministries and departments of the Indian government. The examinations are held at several locations across the country, offering all candidates in the country an equal opportunity to sit for the exam.

  1. At several ministries/departments, Lowe Division Clerks (LDC)
  2. Military Headquarters/Railway Board Secretariat Clerical Services
  3. Various departments have openings for stenographers in grades C and D.
  4. Various ministries and departments have assistant and subordinate officer positions.
  5. Assistant Enforcement Officers, Central Excise Inspector, Income Tax Inspector
  6. CBI and other Central Police Organizations’ Sub Inspectors
  7. Accountants occupy numerous offices, including divisional accountants, auditors, and accountants
  8. In the CPWD, Junior Engineer (Civil and Electrical)
  9. Researcher in Statistics (Grade IV)
  10. In the CBDT and CBEC offices, you can work as a tax assistant.
  11. Officer-in-Charge of Section

SSC’s future prospects

The SSC also permits applicants to advance in their careers by allowing them to be promoted to different offices after they have been selected over time. It provides candidates with sufficient opportunities to develop favourably. At several ministries and government departments, it conducts departmental examinations/selections for advancement of the Group D to LDC grade cadre. It also offers promotions to Upper Division Clerks, Stenographers, and other positions for which it selects candidates in various offices. The work opportunities are dependent on the candidates’ educational qualifications and are thus critical for candidates to review at first sight when applying for any position.

SSC CGL Job Profile 2022

Candidates must consider the SSC CGL job profile 2022 and the following factors in the selection process: pros and cons of the post, whether the candidate is qualified for the post, what are the expectations and requirements, will there be a work-life balance, will the candidate be able to stay with family (home state posting), and so on. Salary, classification, eligibility criteria, and qualifications differ from one position to the next. As a result, it is critical for a candidate to be aware of the entire SSC CGL job profile in order to make informed decisions. SSC CGL employment, profiles, and career growth for all SSC CGL vacancies 2022 are covered here.

Top 14 Job Profile, Job Location, and Post Classification in SSC CGL 2022

Top 14 Job Profile, Job Location, and Post Classification in SSC CGL 2022
Which Jobs In SSC: Top 14 Job Profile, Job Location, and Post Classification in SSC CGL 2022 7

Through the CGL test, the SSC board offers a variety of positions. We have covered everything regarding the SSC CGL job profile 2022, work location, and career advancement for each role in this post.

1. Assistant Section Officer, SSC CGL Job Profile 2022

The Central Secretariat Service (CSS) post of Assistant Section Officer (ASO) has a higher cut off than the other postings. CSS ASO is regarded as one of the greatest “Assistant” positions available through the SSC CGL 2022 exam. It is one of the most sought-after positions for applicants who wish to remain in the capital or prepare for the Civil Service.

In CSS, an ASO’s job profile is as follows:

The SSC CGL job profile 2022 for an ASO primarily consists of clerical activities such as filing and preparing reports. Drafting, noting, writing letters and submissions of cases, examining and identifying the topics involved in the court case, and taking notes are all part of the job. Maintaining a key link between Parliament and the Central Secretariat is also part of the job description, particularly when it comes to dealing with Parliamentary Questions, Assurances, and Government Bills.

Location of the job:

ASO are usually stationed in New Delhi, however they may be reassigned to regional offices for a brief period of time. In addition to CSS, an ASO will be assigned to Nirmal Bhawan or Udyog Bhawan, depending on the Ministry.

Advantages of ASO in CSS:

This post is one of the respectable posts offered by SSC CGL 2022. Work is simple, and working hours are set from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays are off for ASO in CSS, and there is no additional work in shifts. Candidates can also take advantage of the advantages of relocating to Delhi permanently.

ASO’s Career Development in CSS:

Through an inter-departmental exam administered by the UPSC board, a candidate selected for ASO in CSS will be promoted in 5 to 7 years. Otherwise, normal promotion from Assistant Section Officer to Section Officer takes about 10 to 12 years.

2. Job Profile/Location/Career Growth for SSC CGL Assistant Section Officer in MEA

MEA’s Assistant Section Officer position is likewise in high demand among those who desire to travel to different countries. When the officer is posted in India (Delhi), he or she receives an estimated income of Rs 55,000 to Rs 60,000 per month, and when the officer is assigned abroad, he or she receives an estimated salary of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh per month (including allowances).

Assistant Section Officer’s Workplace in MEA:

If ASO chooses to be assigned at Passport Regional Offices, they will be deployed in Delhi (Jawaharlal Nehru Bhawan), Foreign, and other states.

Assistant Section Officer in MEA Job Description:

The job description of an ASO chosen through the SSC CGL exam is a clerical position that primarily entails paperwork such as noting, drafting, and so on, with working hours set between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. As a cypher assistant, ASO will be in charge of coding and decoding, which will include deciphering classified messages for the department.

Assistant Section Officer’s Career Development in MEA:

In the MEA, it takes about 10 to 12 years for an ASO to advance to the rank of Section Officer. The officer who passes the departmental exam, on the other hand, might expect to receive their first promotion in 4 to 5 years.

3. SSC CGL Assistant in the Central Vigilance Commission: Job Description, Location, and Prospects for Advancement

Assistant is a Group B, non-gazetted post in the Central Vigilance Commission. The Assistant undertakes vigilance duty for the Central Government, which is primarily clerical in nature. The officer is also in charge of the vigilance work’s planning, review, and changes.

Job location OF assistant in central vigilance commission:

Tier 1 cities are exempt.

Assistants in Central Vigilance Commission have the following job responsibilities:

Group A senior officials will receive a report and an answer. Organizing and aiding senior officials in making decisions. This position is primarily clerical in nature, but it also entails properly handling files so that they are available when needed.

Assistant in the Central Vigilance Commission job growth:

In comparison to other posts, advancement to Assistant in the Central Vigilance Commission is faster; if an officer works well, he or she will be promoted to Section Officer within 7 to 8 years.

4. Job Profile/Location/Career Growth for SSC CGL Assistant Section Officer in Railway Ministry

In the Railway Ministry, an Assistant Section Officer (ASO) is a clerical position in which the officer is responsible for preparing reports and presenting them to his or her superiors. Working hours are set at 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Each year, the officer is given 10 unpaid leaves and 30 paid leaves.

Job location of Assistant Section Officers in the Railway Ministry :

The majority of candidates are placed in Delhi (Rail Bhawan)

In the Railway Ministry, the job profile of an Assistant Section Officer is as follows:

As previously stated, the work profile of an ASO in the Railway Ministry is more clerical, yet it is above upper division clerk in terms of grade (UDC). Safeguarding information, managing files, and other papers are all part of the job. The ASO also assists its senior citizens. Policy changes, recruitment of railway operations staff, customer problems, and other issues will be dealt with by the officer.

Assistant Section Officer in Railway Ministry Career Development:

After 7 to 8 years of service, an ASO receives his or her first promotion to Section Officer.

Job Profile/Location/Career Growth for SSC CGL Assistants in Other Ministries

Job location for Assistant in Other Ministries :

Delhi is the most common location (there are a few other organisations under Govt. of India such as Dept. of Personnel & Training, Parliamentary Affairs, Election Commission etc., where these assistants would be posted)

Assistant in Other Ministries Job Description :

Assistants in the SSC CGL job profile do a lot of file work.

5. Assistant Audit Officer, SSC CGL Job Profile 2022 (Under C & AG)

The Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) position was established in 2016, and it is the only gazetted position available through the SSC CGL 2022 Exam. Because the AAO position is one of the most competitive and well-known, it receives the most applications and registrations. This post has the highest pay band among all other postings, with a grade salary of Rs 4800.

Assistant Audit Officer Job Description:

AAO’s SSC CGL job profile consists of both desk and field work. Financial audits, compliance audits, and performance analyses will be the responsibility of the candidates chosen for this position. Some of the chosen AAOs are also included in the decision-making process, which is a critical duty that is mostly carried out at the section level. AAOs are also responsible for assisting Audit Officers (AO) and Senior Audit Officers (SAO) in auditing various government offices and government-owned enterprises while on the job. An AAO is assigned to both desk and field work in order to get expertise with both working cultures.

Assistant Audit Officer’s Workplace:

AAO is a member of Indian Audit & Accounts, which is part of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India’s Department of Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG). Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Nagaland are among the states where this department has branches, so candidates can anticipate to be posted anywhere in these states.

Assistant Audit Officer’s Professional Development:

AAO advancements are often gradual, taking between 6 and 10 years for an AAO to advance to Audit Officer.

6. Job Profile/Location/Career Growth for SSC CGL Auditor in Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C& AG)

C& AG’s auditing, bill passing, and other paperwork are all handled by the auditor.

Auditor positions in the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C& AG) are located in the following locations:

Selected candidates are assigned to various ministries’ Pay and Accounts Offices, Divisional Offices, and Sub-Divisional Offices.

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C& AG) has the following job profile for auditors:

Because C& AG is the supreme accounting body of the Indian government, preparation and passing of bills, GPF cases, clearing pensions, and keeping accounts of several ministries are among the key responsibilities of auditors in C& AG.

Auditor’s Career Development at the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C&AG):

This position offers good opportunities for advancement; after two years of service, the auditor can sit for the Subordinate Account Service (SAS) exam. The Auditor is promoted to Assistant Audit Officer after passing the exam (AAO). If the Auditor fails to pass the exam, he or she will be promoted to the next level after 3 to 5 years of service.

7. Job Profile/Location/Career Growth for SSC CGL Auditor in Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA):

The Auditor in the CGDA is primarily responsible for auditing Army and Air Force accounts.

Auditor’s Workplace at the CGDA:

Various Defense offices/Headquarters postings.

In the CGDA, an auditor’s job profile is as follows:

Auditing, auditing accounts, and passing various bills are all part of the job. There is a work-life balance in this employment since there is less work pressure.

Auditor Career Development at the CGDA:

Career progression is similar to that of an Auditor in C& AG, however there is a three-year promotion delay for Auditor in CGDA, and other promotions are similar to those of an Auditor in C& AG.

8. Controller General of Accounts (CGA) in SSC CGL Auditor & Others: Job Description/Location/Progression in Career

An Auditor in the CGA is in charge of passing bills, monitoring accounts, and other ministry responsibilities.

Auditor’s Workplace in the Controller General of Accounts:

Posted at several ministries’ Pay & Account departments.

Auditor’s Job Profile in the Controller General of Accounts:

As a CGA Auditor, your major goal will be to assist the finance minister in preparing a critical review of expenditures, borrowings, revenues, and the deficit each month.

You’ll also help prepare annual Appropriation Accounts (Civil) and Union Finance Accounts for presentation to Parliament. As a result, your job description will primarily constrain you to a desk job involving a lot of auditing.

Career Development of Auditor in CGA: 

Career development is similar to Auditor in C&AG.

9. Inspector of Income Tax in the CBDT (SSC CGL)

Although Income Tax Inspector (ITI) is a grade C position, it is considered one of the most prestigious positions available through the SSC CGL 2022 exam due to its high social prestige. This position provides professional fulfilment, decent pay, and promotions on schedule. The income tax department, also known as the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), is in charge of collecting and overseeing direct taxes paid to the government. ITI’s primary responsibility is to oversee and administer the collection of taxes for government funding.

Income Tax Inspector’s job location:

Any where in India.

Job Description for an Income Tax Inspector:

Both assessment and non-assessment sections are included in the Income Tax Inspector job profile. ITI will be responsible for assessing income tax paid by companies, partnership businesses, organisations, and individuals, as well as processing refund claims, tax evasion, and Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) queries in the assessment area. The Non-assessment section is a field-work position in which the ITI will be a member of a quick response team and will be in charge of raids.

10. Job Profile/Location/Career Growth: SSC CGL Inspector (Examiner) CBIC

Examiner candidates are assigned to coastal areas for the duration of their service. An Examiner’s key responsibilities include issuing clearances, inspecting items, inspecting cargo, taking samples, and levying costs on a shipment. The Examiner position is regarded as a highly good one.

Inspector (Examiner) job location in CBIC:

Coastal cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Kochi, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Goa, and others are mostly affected.

CBIC Inspector (Examiner) Job Profile:

When an examiner is stationed in headquarters, he or she will be responsible for clerical or file work, whereas when stationed in the field, the officer will be responsible for inspecting and assessing duty on products imported or exported. Examining things and checking whether appropriate taxes have been levied on goods travelling in and out of the port are the only responsibilities.

Examiners’ Career Development in the CBIC:

In comparison to other posts available through the SSC CGL Exam, promotions are made quickly. To be promoted to the position of Appraiser, an Examiner must complete a three-year service requirement and pass a departmental exam as part of the qualification process. Promotion to the next level is dependent on zone to zone.

11. SSC CGL Inspector in the Central Bureau of Narcotics (CBN): Job Description, Location, and Prospects for Advancement

This profession entails monitoring opium poppy growth in India and conducting frequent checks at enterprises to guarantee it is not being utilised illegally. They may also have to keep an eye on imports and exports for any illegal narcotics. Reports to the Narcotics Superintendent / District Opium Officer. The employment will be based largely in North India, and local travel will be required.

Inspectors work in the Central Bureau of Narcotics at the following locations:

However, the majority of postings will take place in MP, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.

Inspector’s Job Description at the Central Bureau of Narcotics:

This is a three-star position that requires wearing a uniform. The Inspector of CBN job profile will contain the responsibility for preventing the fabrication of psychoactive substance-using opium after passing the SSC CGL exam. The Inspector will also be in charge of inspecting aspects of poppy farming, such as measuring poppy fields, licencing cultivators, collecting opium, and overseeing Sub-Inspectors. The Inspector’s job is demanding and stressful, and he must also deal with smugglers and bad people. Self-defense tactics, gun control, and emergency management will also be taught to the Inspector.

Inspector’s Career Development at the Central Bureau of Narcotics:

After at least 5 to 7 years of service, the Narcotics Inspector receives his or her first promotion. Officers who do very well have a chance to become Assistant Narcotics Commissioners, who are in charge of the entire department.

12. Inspector of Post (Dept. of Post) (SSC CGL) Job Description/Location

The Inspector is in charge of acquiring and fostering business growth for the post offices under his supervision. He or she may be required to travel, but he or she will be compensated. There might be a little bit of pressure to put up a good display.

Job Location of Inspector of Post (Dept. of Post): 


Job Profile of Inspector of Post (Dept. of Post):


13. SSC CGL AEO Jobs: Career Development Profile

(Department of Revenue) Assistant Enforcement Officer:

One of the authority roles available through the SSC CGL test is Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO). By implementing rules like the Foreign Exchange Management Act and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, AEO helps India manage financial frauds and scams. AEO is a transferable employment, and every three years, the officer is assigned to a new assignment.

Assistant Enforcement Officer Position Location:

Only enforcement directorate offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Calicut, Guwahati, Indore, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Madurai, Nagpur, Patna, Srinagar, and Varanasi would be used for posting.

Job Description for an Assistant Enforcement Officer:

AEO positions include both office and field work. The officer’s desk job entails examining materials such as reports, brochures, and presentations supplied by various organisations. Responding to formal letters, responding to official communications, maintaining files, and managing intra-departmental communication are all part of the job description.
The officer’s responsibilities in the field include executing raids, gathering intelligence, inspecting, preventing money laundering, and investigating economic crimes.

Assistant Enforcement Officer’s Career Development:

After 8 to 9 years of service, an AEO receives their first promotion. AEO’s promotions are mostly coordinated from the company’s headquarters in New Delhi.

14. Sub-Inspector in the CBI (SSC CGL Job Profile 2022)

India’s primary investigative agency is the Central Bureau of Investigation. Many people wish to work with CBI because it is the most prestigious job available through the SSC CGL Exam. Every year, a CBI Sub-Inspector receives a 25% increase in base pay, including DA, as well as 13 months of salary.

CBI Sub-Inspector Job Location:

The majority of the applicants are assigned to Delhi; but, in some situations, they may be assigned to any state on a temporary basis.

CBI Sub-Inspector Job Description:

The job profile of a Special Investigation Officer (SI) with the CBI is similar to that of a state police officer; but, because the CBI is a federal agency, it has additional authorities to investigate anti-corruption cases and other traditional crimes. Making inquiries, conducting investigations, and obtaining information on a sensitive case are all part of the job. Depending on where the case is assigned, the CBI officer must travel extensively throughout India. In this case, the CBI has entire control and jurisdiction over the State Police and other concerned agencies.

Sub-Inspector in CBI Career Growth:

A Sub-Inspector in CBI takes about 5 to 6 years to become an Inspector, while an Inspector takes about 8 to 10 years to become a Deputy Superintendent. In addition, it takes at least 10 years for a Deputy Superintendent to be promoted to Additional Superintendent.

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