Working Experience Letter’s Introduction, Format, and Sample

What is Working Experience letter?

Working experience letter is provided by your previous employer when you leave their organization and is a proof letter that you have worked at a company before. You can use this if you are applying for a job where you need to prove your work history. Working experience letter is a document that provides information about your work history. It can include details like dates worked, job title, company name, and position held. Experience letters are often used to prove your qualifications for certain positions. They may also be used to show employers how well you have performed in previous roles.

Advantages of adding Working experience in cv:

  1. Gain an advantage over other applicants. 
  2. Assist in obtaining the desired position within the firm. 
  3. Highlights your Skills and accomplishment.
  4. Adding working experience letter may help employer know that you are trustworthy.
  5. Adding working experience can help you shortlist for the role easily, in some firms, employees are hired solely based on their working experience.

Work experience vs Volunteer experience

1. Work Experience/Internship

This refers to any job that you have had where you were paid to perform a task. This could include internships, volunteering, or even jobs you held while in college. These types of experiences are great because they show employers that you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn about their business. They also give you real-world experience that you can use in your future career.

2. Volunteer Experience

Volunteer experience is similar to work experience, but instead of being paid, you are doing something for free. You may be working for a non-profit organization, helping at a local animal shelter, or even teaching English abroad. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to help others and expand your network. Unpaid working experience can really help you get your desired job as this will reflect your will to work without getting any salary. You can also add your volunteer experience in your CV if you are looking for the job in the same field you volunteered . 

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Working experience letter format

Employee’s name
Employee’s address

Date of issuance

Recipient’s organization
Recipient’s address

This letter is to certify that ___________ has worked as ___________ for our company. He began working here on ___________ and stayed until ___________. He had served in our organisation for ___________. 

He had been very responsible up from the day he joined. He had gained a wide range of skills and work experiences to date. His mind-blowing abilities include ___________.  He was paid ___________ on a monthly basis as salary. Aside from his love and devotion, he was an exceptionally good and kind man who always maintained good relationships with everyone. We are extremely grateful to have such a generous individual among us . Wishing him the best of his luck in his career.


Sender’s Name
Sender’s Designation

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Working experience letter sample

Mr Ravi Tripathi
Veer complex / Sec-67/192832

Date – 11/07/2021

ABC company
Sartha Nagar / 341-B colony / 213123

This letter is to certify that Mr Ravi Tripathi has worked for our company as a software engineer. He started working here on 4/02/2011 stayed until 21/04/2021. He had been with our organisation for over 9 years.

He had always been a responsible person from the day he joined. He had a diverse set of skills and work experiences to date. His incredible abilities include incredible coding skills and stress management. He received a monthly salary of Rs 40,000/-. Aside from his love and devotion, he was a wonderful and kind man who always maintained good relationships with everyone. We are extremely grateful to have such a kind person among us. I wish him all the best in the future. 


Virag Seth

XYZ company

Working experience letter sample
Working Experience Letter's Introduction, Format, and Sample 3

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