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How To Choose A Right Job? Interview With Krishala.

After completing a video interview session with a guest speaker from the PR profession, I was approached by one of my interns.

“Krishala, Could you please share your thoughts with me on how to choose a right job?”

“Krishala, Could you please share your thoughts with me on how to choose a right job?"
How To Choose A Right Job? Interview With Krishala. 4

When the intern asked me this question, I was honestly speechless for a few seconds. Even a simple question like this can elicit a lot of thought.

“I can’t advise you how to pick the appropriate job because the definition of ‘right’ varies from person to person, but I could tell you about my own career journey.”

I thought about how, like most others, I felt lost after college graduation. After finishing their studies, I believe most people have experienced the same feeling. We have no notion what we want most of the time.

During that time, I recall applying for three jobs. The first worked as a public relations professional in a 5-star hotel, the second as a marketing executive in an entertainment company, and the third as a marketing executive in one of Pune’s 5-star hotels.

I recall being nervous when I first walked into the hotel interview room. I was worried about the working environment, where everyone was so serious at their desks, with no interaction, and everyone was dressed in the same way. The entire environment made me feel as if I didn’t belong. Even if I passed the interview, I promised myself I would not accept the offer.

Around that time, I applied for a position as a public relations executive with a well-known entertainment firm. During that interview, I recall being treated terribly by HR. I just had a diploma at the time, but I had received a distinction for my course. She first inquired if the press release had been written by me, to which I replied that it had been written by me and had been published in the media. She then inquired about my anticipated pay. “No, we cannot offer you the income that you desire,” she answered as soon as I gave her a number.

“It’s fine if the compensation offered is less than my expected salary because I am aware that I lack industry experience.” However, if my performance is satisfactory, would it be possible for my compensation to be changed after my probation?” I inquired.

“No, even if your performance improved, we would not give you a raise because you only have a diploma.”

After returning home with a heavy heart and promising myself that I would not work for a company that just looked at academic achievements, I decided to proceed to my next interview, which was for a marketing executive position with a spa company.

The gentleman who interviewed me was a Panjabi who also happened to be the owner of the company. During that interview, we had a good talk, and I was inspired by her courage in starting a business in India despite the language barrier. My instinct told me that this is the job for me, since I know I could have learned a lot from her if I had the opportunity to work for her.

Fortunately, after waiting a week following that interview, she hired me, and the rest is history. My ex-boss taught me a lot.

“As a result, I believe that selecting the right boss is always more important than selecting the right job.”

The appropriate supervisor or superior can be your mentor and provide you with the best life advice. No matter what industry you choose, once you have acquired the necessary skills, you will be a standout.

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